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LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 4

Guess what day it is?! Day 4 - LEG DAY! I love leg day!! Heavier weights are used because you're working the largest muscles in your body. For me, the sweat just pours off! I sweat the most on leg day, and I love it! For some of you moms out there who have children… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 4

Health, LIIFT4 Journey

LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 3

Woo! Another day done (yesterday!) Day 3 - Shoulders! Boy, this one was a tough one. Four sets of two exercises, with a HIIT component after each set. Talk about a workout!! I admit, I love all of these exercises (except the triple bear...but I'll get to talking about that one tomorrow...). The most challenging… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 3

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LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 2

Guess what a 4am alarm looks like? Both kids waking up when you wanted to wakeup early and get your workout done. #momlife Day 2 - Back & Biceps Thankfully I got my workout done before 8am. That's a win in my book! Now I have the rest of the day to be productive! YES!!… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 2

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LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 1

Hey hey hey!! So, I joined a new challenge group and I am a little bit behind. They started on Monday, and I am starting on Thursday. Hopefully I can get caught-up by next week so I can be on track. This program has that kind of flexibility, thankfully! Workout 4 days, rest 3 (and… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 1

Health, LIIFT4 Journey

My Health Journey

183. This number will forever be ingrained in my memory. This was my turning point. I looked down and saw this number on the scale, looked at my naked body in the mirror, and was disgusted. Horrified. Embarrassed. Scared. Rewind a few years. Back when I was 12, my best friend was a super cute… Continue reading My Health Journey


My Mommy Shots – aka Wheatgrass

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wheatgrass? Green goodness? Amazing health benefits? Rabbit food? Grossness? I tend to think of the last one... Wheatgrass is definitely NOT one of my favorite superfoods. However, I have started making a shot of it every day (again...I kind of stopped… Continue reading My Mommy Shots – aka Wheatgrass