I’m BACK! With BIG Changes!!!!

Hey Guys!!! I have missed blogging so much! We've been working hard. Here are some family updates: NEW BABY!!! We had a new baby boy this year! Our oldest son just turned 3, and our youngest is 10 months. We love love love our little, growing family! WE BOUGHT A SCHOOL BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this weird?… Continue reading I’m BACK! With BIG Changes!!!!


My Mommy Shots – aka Wheatgrass

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wheatgrass? Green goodness? Amazing health benefits? Rabbit food? Grossness? I tend to think of the last one... Wheatgrass is definitely NOT one of my favorite superfoods. However, I have started making a shot of it every day (again...I kind of stopped… Continue reading My Mommy Shots – aka Wheatgrass