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LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 3

Woo! Another day done (yesterday!)

Day 3 – Shoulders!

Boy, this one was a tough one. Four sets of two exercises, with a HIIT component after each set. Talk about a workout!!

I admit, I love all of these exercises (except the triple bear…but I’ll get to talking about that one tomorrow…). The most challenging lift exercise, which looks the easiest, is called standing shoulder flys (see picture demonstration below). Dang…I had to use my 5lb weights on this one, and then half way through the last round I had to drop my weights and do it without. I definitely still felt my shoulders working, but holy moly those are tough! It was the last exercise too, so since my muscles were already fatiguing, it was the final push!


The other moves in this workout were shoulder presses, upright rows, front raises, lateral raises, Y raises, and then the shoulder fly. The toughest HIIT move, for me, was probably the alternating plyo lunges. Oddly enough, I did not know that plyo meant jumping until recently. So, I literally was jumping and alternating legs each time. The modifier (yes, there is indeed a modifier in every workout for if you need a break!) just stepped the lunges, but she seemed to be going quicker than those who were jumping, meaning she was working too! Just because you modify, doesn’t mean you are not working! It took me a while to get that in my head. I like doing things perfectly and don’t like to mess up. What I needed to teach myself was that every person on this earth is at a different level. I don’t have to do a move like the hardcore rockstar fitness expert on my TV. I need to go at my pace, not sacrifice my form, and modify if I need to. It doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person than others!!

Okay, back to the workout…

As always, this workout concluded with an ab round. This one was good too. My abs are always lightly sore after I do these, but they aren’t terribly sore. I think one reason is because I am healing my diastasis recti. If you are unfamiliar, DR is when the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy (photo below). It’s hard to fix, but it IS fixable! I don’t think I’ll be rocking a six-pack anytime soon, but someday I will!!!


I decided to take today (Sunday) as a rest day. I want to give my muscles a proper time to recover and get stronger. If I were to work out too hard and not have an adequate amount of time to recover, it could actually work against me and could lead to injury. I can’t have that! I have two little boys I’m chasing around!

Oh, also, dinner tonight was sooo delicious! I made a homemade ranch that was safe for my eating plan and put it on top of halved chicken breasts, then topped that with sliced bell peppers and cheese. Once it was baked, I took one of the chickens and put it on top of some rainbow quinoa! Baby J #1 even ate his whole plate! So so good!

Until tomorrow! I’ll probably be writing from the floor…it’s leg day!

Edited to add the exercises and my weights!


*Third set of should fly – I did 5lbs for half, then dropped my weights and finished without holding any extra weight.

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