Health, LIIFT4 Journey

My Health Journey

183. This number will forever be ingrained in my memory. This was my turning point. I looked down and saw this number on the scale, looked at my naked body in the mirror, and was disgusted. Horrified. Embarrassed. Scared.

Rewind a few years. Back when I was 12, my best friend was a super cute volleyball player who all of the guys in middle school liked and wanted “go out” with. I was the slightly awkward, basic average looking girl who hung out with all of the popular kids, but wasn’t necessarily popular. I viewed myself as dull, boring, ugly, and fat. Looking back, I was so hard on myself. I had an extremely low self-confidence that I still, to this day, am dealing with. Anyways, back to 14 years ago, there was I met this cute boy who went to youth group with me. When I was 14, that same boy told me he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. This boy was the first boy who ever “liked me, liked me.” Guess what? He’s now my husband!! *all the heart eyes*

I used to be heavily overweight. After I got married, I lost 65lbs and felt amazing. Absolutely amazing!! Once I had my first son, I was about 10lbs heavier than my original weight. I was not as confident, but I was happy. When pregnant with my second son almost two years later, we went through Hurricane Irma and were living off of carbs carbs carbs for a looong time. I’ve been maintaining my weight, but I am physically not where I want to be.

Fast forward to now. November 2018. Earlier this year, I knew I had to do something. The scale wasn’t budging, I was flabby, and I couldn’t stand to look at myself. Especially with the knowledge of how to fix it. Ever since we’ve been married, I have had a clean diet. We seldom eat pre-packaged food, we eat mostly organic, sugar is limited, and we eat “kosher.” Things that I think got me out of control? Portion control and carbs. I’m Italian. You know what that means? Spaghetti. Lasagna. Garlic bread rolls. Need I say more? I also love baking. I’ve been experimenting with refined sugar alternatives, but remember sugar is sugar.

From May to August, I participated in a challenge group and DEFEATED 80 Day Obsession. It was hard, but we can do hard things!!! Towards the end, my diet was not 100% on track, but I did every single workout and had my shake every single day. I lost weight, I lost inches, and I felt great. Am I where I want to be since completing it? No! So, thankfully, I have found another challenge group right before this Thanksgiving holiday! I’m doing LIIFT4 and am stoked. I love the workouts and flexibility of the program. Although, I’ll still be doing low intensity workouts on my rest days and probably won’t use my cheat days (except Thanksgiving…because, pie *my fat kid heart rejoices*). I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding in December, and am ready to absolutely ROCK my bridesmaids dress!

Here are my before photos on my first day of LIIFT4. I want to document this journey so you can follow along with me! ((Photo courtesy of my 3-year-old and pardon the dirty mirror and image quality – ha!)


**I’d like to add that I am not selling any Beachbody products at this time. I’m what one may call, a discount coach. 😉


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