Cloth Diapering Station & Inventory

Hello again!

Tonight I would like to tell you about my little cloth diaper stash. I have my eye on a couple more covers, but I have decided that those may just have to be a gift to myself with the next baby, heh heh. All of my covers (aside from two) are Rumparooz One Size Snaps. The other two are Thirsties which I received as a gift. They are size two and begin at 19lbs, so I have not really been able to use them yet. (Baby J is 18lbs). Although, they both have deer on them and match the nursery theme which is AWESOME (see my post about Baby J’s room HERE).

Here is the ultimate cloth diapering station! Well, not really, but I like to think of it that way! 

I think it’s about time to wash some diapers, wouldn’t you say? I really like my set up because I have the diapers and covers on the first shelf, then extra diapers and wipes on the bottom shelf. I also have the wet bags hanging on the changing table, so I have everything in one place.


Left bin – pre fold diapers; Right bin – diaper covers, liners, homemade Vaseline, coconut oil, and the fabulous NoseFrida!

Left bin – extra pre fold diapers and smaller pre folds underneath; Right bin – extra wipes

The cloth items in back are Thirsties Hemp inserts for overnight use. In front of those, I just finished making some cloth wipes, so I will let you know how that goes once I begin using them! I figured if I am cloth diapering, why spend money on wipes when I can make some for free??? Finally, I have a couple disposables for an “in case,” but we primarily cloth them.

Know what’s going to make my setup even better? Hubs is making me a shelf for the wipe warmer and basket! It gets me stupid excited when I get new things like this! Hehe.

Let me know about your baby’s changing station! I’d love to hear about the different systems and storage you do!

4 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Station & Inventory”

  1. Looks great! I’m going to be using disposable wipes, and most (if not all) disposable diapers, in the first few weeks but then I’m going to start using cloth. 🙂 I have made a big stash of cloth wipes because as you say, why not if I’m already going to be washing cloth diapers?!
    I will probably do a post on our changing station at some point, too. Thanks for the inspiration!! 😀

    1. Hello Valerie!
      Thanks so much! That’s exactly what we did too. It took a couple months until baby could fit into a cloth diaper comfortably. Now we’ve even started clothing at night! Not only is it economical, but I love the fluffy bums! 😆

      1. I’ve got some newborn cloth diapers but we’ll see how I feel about using them without much sleep! lol Wow, well done on nighttime use – that’s a challenge for sure!

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