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Baby J’s Bedroom

Good Evening, y’all!

I hope you had a magnificent Monday! Baby J and I still are getting over a cold. I have sinus pressure and it is so not fun!

Well, I want to share Baby J’s room with you. My husband worked really hard to get it done before the baby was born, and he did a great job! He is just so handy. πŸ™‚

First thing he did was paint. He used a flat green paint to paint the whole room, then we both taped off stripes equal distances around three of the walls, then painted every other stripe a semigloss dark green. It looks so nice! I just love it.

Pardon the lighting in the next picture. I could not edit it properly with the window light shining through. You can get the idea from the picture above on how it actually looks! (UPDATE – I tried getting a better picture. It is definitely better quality, plus more of the room is visible!)

Next, he put up a pallet wall and the small corner shelf. The thing that took him the longest was taking the pallets apart. Once that was done, he put all of the full-sized pieces up then did the end cuts last. It was a pretty quick project that turned out great! He also added a hidden LED light strip under the top layer of boards. The strip came with a remote and we can control the brightness as well as fun lighting effects! We may have had a couple of impromptu dance parties…

Hubs also made the end table shown inbetween the crib and the chair. He is in the process of making a drawer for it, then that will be completed!

Our theme is a woodland deer nursery. I just love the bedding set. It’s not longer available from the manufacturer, but you can find the print on Amazon. The set is called Willow Organic. You may be able to find it from a third party seller. I had my eye on it before we even started trying to get pregnant! Ha. 

I have two tub storage containers under the crib, and all the diapering equipment in canvas storage boxes (which will be gone into detail in a later blog). His closet is a mini walk-in closet where his clothes are hung up and where his dresser/chest is. I have one drawer dedicated to his pajamas, bathing suits, and socks; the next drawer with his blankets; the third drawer with his crib sheets and changing pad covers; the last drawer for newborn disposables and other items that we aren’t using for him, but will for the next baby.

I’m really happy with the layout so far. When I’m able to get better pictures, I will definitely update the ones I have up here!

Thank you for taking the time to take a little tour through Baby J’s room! I hope you have a fantastic week. Stay wonderful and love one another!

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