Removing Hard Water Stains

Why, hello there! It has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post. Sorry about that. Well, a few things have happened since my last post. First things first, we had a baby! Yes, we welcomed a handsome baby boy in October 2015! He is such a sweet blessing. I can’t believe it.

Here is our family photo! We had Sacred Stories Birth Photography capture this lifechanging moment. It was absolutely amazing!

I’ll include the birth story and other baby stuff in later posts, but today I want to talk about how to remove hard water stains in your home.

Our water softener had been degrading over the two years we’ve been in our home. It was on of those things we were just putting off and living with. But, there are consequences that come with waiting to fix something. Since we are on a well, the showers turn orange with residue, dishes don’t get clean and have nasty residue after the dishwasher, there are stains in the toilets, the water smells, the pipes begin corroding, filters need changing more often, the list goes on. So, my husband was able to purchase a water pump and install it himself (shout out to handy husband’s!!!!) and totally fix the system. Since he did that, I went into full on cleaning mode. I took my scotch brite scrubbies along with baking soda and vinegar and scrubbed…and scrubbed…and scrubbed. It worked a little bit, but was not working in my showers and toilets as I hoped.

I came to the realization that I may have to just bite the bullet and buy a chemical product to help me. I decided to go with Bar Keeper’s Friend. I had some stainless steel scrubbies, so I decided to use one of those to help me instead of a green scrubbie. 

I sprinkled some of this stuff in the shower (this is the first time I have used this product) and started scrubbing. The metal mesh was like magic! With just a little bit of effort, the orange sediment began coming right off. I could not believe it. 

I did not take a before picture of the shower, because I honestly did not think it was going to work. So, here’s an unfocused zoomed in picture so you can kind of see what I was dealing with.

Behind the baby’s head, you can see the discoloring of the shower. Here is what the shower looked like after I scrubbed it. 


Totally crazy!!! It looks like a completely different shower. This was just after I scrubbed it and rinsed it. I gave it a really good clean with hydrogen peroxide and made sure everything was cleaned out of it before we used it and bathed my son. I am so happy with this transformation!
Now, I also tried this technique with the toilet. I was happy to get the stains out of the toilet, but not happy with the unfortunate damage in the process. See, since the toilet is porcelain, the part that is always in water becomes soft due to it being a stone, therefore it scratches. Something I had to learn the hard way. Thankfully this was just the master bathroom and not the guest bathroom? I did NOT use bar keepers friend on the toilet. I just used the metal mesh because I wanted to test my results. I’ll spare you the before picture. That’s just nasty.


There are still some spots in the toilet because I did not continue to scrub. I did not want to cause more scratches than I already had. Hubs told me that he could have told me that it would scratch…but I wanted to do something without bothering him. Look where that got me. Ha! At least the toilet isn’t gross anymore! I’d take scratches over the hard water stains any day! 

I’m in the process of scrubbing my washer down. Let me show you how it looks before and after!!!




I still have some work to do, but I am so happy with how this is turning out! Again, no chemical was used on the washer. ONLY the metal mesh. It makes me feel so much better knowing my clothes aren’t being washed in the hard water, and that the washer is sediment-free while washing baby items and cloth diapers. It’s fabulous!

What favorite hacks have you figured out? Comment below!

P.S. I am planning on blogging on a more frequent basis. Stay tuned for more posts! If you have any recommendations, please comment and let me know!

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