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LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 4

Guess what day it is?! Day 4 - LEG DAY! I love leg day!! Heavier weights are used because you're working the largest muscles in your body. For me, the sweat just pours off! I sweat the most on leg day, and I love it! For some of you moms out there who have children… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 4

Health, LIIFT4 Journey

LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 3

Woo! Another day done (yesterday!) Day 3 - Shoulders! Boy, this one was a tough one. Four sets of two exercises, with a HIIT component after each set. Talk about a workout!! I admit, I love all of these exercises (except the triple bear...but I'll get to talking about that one tomorrow...). The most challenging… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 3

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LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 2

Guess what a 4am alarm looks like? Both kids waking up when you wanted to wakeup early and get your workout done. #momlife Day 2 - Back & Biceps Thankfully I got my workout done before 8am. That's a win in my book! Now I have the rest of the day to be productive! YES!!… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 2

Health, LIIFT4 Journey

LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 1

Hey hey hey!! So, I joined a new challenge group and I am a little bit behind. They started on Monday, and I am starting on Thursday. Hopefully I can get caught-up by next week so I can be on track. This program has that kind of flexibility, thankfully! Workout 4 days, rest 3 (and… Continue reading LIIFT4 – Week 1 Day 1

Health, LIIFT4 Journey

My Health Journey

183. This number will forever be ingrained in my memory. This was my turning point. I looked down and saw this number on the scale, looked at my naked body in the mirror, and was disgusted. Horrified. Embarrassed. Scared. Rewind a few years. Back when I was 12, my best friend was a super cute… Continue reading My Health Journey


What I’m Working on Right Now!

Heeeey you guuuuys! I am currently working on stripping cloth diapers. Yay! It's a little bit time consuming, so since I'm home most of the day, I figured it's something I can check off my ToDo list! I'll be posting the process I used soon and link it in this post. Hopefully it'll help with… Continue reading What I’m Working on Right Now!


My Mommy Shots – aka Wheatgrass

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wheatgrass? Green goodness? Amazing health benefits? Rabbit food? Grossness? I tend to think of the last one... Wheatgrass is definitely NOT one of my favorite superfoods. However, I have started making a shot of it every day (again...I kind of stopped… Continue reading My Mommy Shots – aka Wheatgrass


Chocolate (Black Bean) Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I absolutely love sweets. What I love even more than sweets, is the cliche "guilt-free" desserts! Well, this cake is definitely a "guilt-free" dessert/snack/breakfast. This cake has no flour, no refined sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no dairy, and is still super moist. You honestly would have no idea it was made with black beans unless… Continue reading Chocolate (Black Bean) Cake with Chocolate Frosting